Why you should switch to Reef Safe Sunscreens

Since its been getting warmer and people will be heading to the beach more, lets go over sunscreens and which ARE and ARE NOT safe for us and our environment!

Some sunscreens contain harmful ingredients called oxybenzone and/or octinoxate and when it reaches the reefs it will bleach the corals. This bleaching is caused by the chemicals getting absorbed by the corals which disrupts their reproduction & growth cycles.

One thing people don't realize is even if you don’t swim, it can still spill into our water ways by getting rinsed down the drain which eventually make its way to our oceans.

Aerosol cans are even worse, as they spray a mist of these toxins onto the environment around you.

Did you know the most at risk reefs are located in Hawaii, the USVI, Australia, and in Israel?

You may be asking, “but how can I help the reef without burning up?!”

Wellll, CHECK YOUR INGREDIENTS before you purchase! Some sunscreens ARE safe and it’s important to make sure you choose the right one!

•Titanium dioxide and Zinc oxide are safer than Oxybenzone! Always use mineral based sunscreens such as:

1) Sun Bum Reef Friendly Mineral Sunscreen

2) Blue Lizard Sunscreen

3) Kokua Sun Care Natural Zinc Sunscreen

•When all else fails, bring cute leggings, a long sleeve rash guard, and a fun hat To protect yourself from the sun!

That's what I personally wear EVERY boat day!

It is important for us as beach goers and ocean lovers to make a change for ourselves and help educate our friends, families, and community.

Some places (like Hawaii) have already banned these harmful sunblocks and what a step forward In the right direction. There is talks within the USVI advocating for the ban of harmful sunscreens. Together we can help save the reefs & oceans!

#savetheocean #savethereef

Source: National Geographic

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