The Problem With Sequin Mermaid Tails

Updated: Aug 10, 2019

Sequins, sequins, sequins!

These small pieces are often sewn onto tails to give a realistic look and feel. These types of tails are common for DIY projects due to the materials being less expensive or more easily attainable.

While these tails are gorgeous, they are still plastic. Plastic is known to be harmful to all environments due to them never able to fully decompose or break down. Plastic finds its way into the stomachs of animals where they are unable to processes the plastic. Fish are often attracted to eat shiny things which includes sequin. One big problem with sequin tails is they constantly shed. No matter how well you sew or glue the sequins down, they still will fall off at some point. Although you may try to collect all fallen sequins, chances are you will miss sone especially if there is a current. Not to mention how exhausting it is to constantly be picking up and resewing fallen scales.

We as mermaids are often looked at as protectors of the ocean and although some mermaids are not ocean activists, we still set the examples. Saying you don’t care about these issues is not only selfish, but it is actively contributing to the destruction of our ecosystems and making our planet worse. Straws, sequins, bags, and other plastics are ALL bad. Even resin scales have the same problems. Its not a competition but you cannot say no to plastic straws or bags yet swim in sequins in our oceans, springs, lakes, and rivers.

I’m not saying you can’t swim with them but if you do have sequin or mythic tails, it is important to keep them away from natural environments and only swim in controlled waters like pools or tanks; and even then, they can ruin the filters and damage the pool.

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