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So you want to work as a Professional Mermaid?

So you’re already a mermaid but you want to do it professionally?

Here is my advice to you!

Legally, you must research your local laws and regulations for performers. Every state, county, and city are different so it is important to know what requirement you need for your location. You may need to get a business license or special permits. I'd seek out additional help if you unsure how to do this.

For personal performance growth, you should get acting experience (such as improv), get good quality gear: please do not show up in the same tail a 10 year old might already have! There are great affordable options to make your gear unique), and always be UNIQUE! Don’t copy others, make your own performance using books and made up stories to interact with kids. Your look and story will make you YOU! You should also invest in getting scuba, freedive, lifeguard, cpr, and any other certifications that can help you not only stand out but learn. These are not mandatory but they will help you, depending on what you do as a mermaid.

One important note is to never mermaid alone! Take a mertender or assistant with you in case of emergencies. It will also help if this person has a water safety certification and a cpr certification. Safety is your first priority!

Also be sure to remember that it takes A LOT of hard work to become a successful professional in any field. It does not happen overnight. If this is something you do want to do, go for it! It is very rewarding with every gig.

Another important note is undercutting can be detrimental to the industry as a whole so remember to price your services at competitive rates. Know your worth! This is a business after all and you should treat it so.

It's also okay to be a recreational mermermaid.

Dream big mermaids and mermen

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