Online Commerce: Buying and Selling Used Mermaid Tails

Here are some helpful tips for anyone buying or selling a tail!


•Do NOT ship without receiving the full payment you agreed upon.

•What ever payment you agreed upon is the payment that shall be expected to pay. You cannot change your mind and charge more after already agreeing on a price. The buyer has a right to ask for said product or receive a refund.

•When it comes to PayPal, there are a few policies that are overlooked. The “Friends and Family” feature is for just that, friends and family. It goes against their policy to ask someone to pay through this feature. It is also against their policy ro ask the buyer to pay the fees.

•Communication is always key! Make sure you communicate with your buyer about schedules, shipping, times, and make sure they are aware of any damage! There is nothing worse than buy something used only to open the box and see damaged product.

•Always give the buyer the shipping information. This is the tracking and if there is insurance! The insurance will protect both parties from the package being lost or damage. Be sure to ask the buyer to notify you once the package is received.


•Don’t except someone to ship with out full payment. You’d be surprised at the amount of people who wants you to ship before paying full. Most of the time, this is a scam. To protect the seller, pay the full price you both agreed on. If the seller tries to up the price after you’ve already paid, you have a right to deny paymen. Ask for the product or refund. If they refuse to refund you and withhold the product, go to your bank or PayPal!

•If using PayPal, don’t send money through “Friends & Family.” If you use that feature you will not be able to file a claim if you get scammed. It goes against the policies of PayPal for a seller to ask you to use this.

•Make sure you communicate with the seller about when they are shipping your item and be sure to save the tracking number! You may need it if it gets lost. Once shipped, the seller has already done their part. It is in the hands of the postal service and if it gets lost you should contact the postal service. There should be insurance on the item.

•Be sure to ask for photos and videos of the tail both in action and up close. This is help you spot any damage to the tail!

•Do your research on the maker of the tail so you know what materials it is and what its retail value was. Some people may try to resell a tail at above market price. Although that is legal, they may still be making a profit.

•Don’t be afraid to ask questions! Ask the seller anything you’re curious about! Asking questions is also apart of good communication.

Do you have any tips for those looking to purchase a used tail or selling their old tail??

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