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It is okay to take a break.

The last few years have been very difficult for many people. We take breaks for many reasons; mental health, new jobs, new ambitions, new hobbies, weight gain, over worked, and feeling displaced. With the pandemic of 2020, I was feeling stuck and unmotivated. People were overwhelming me for more online content, I didn't have anyone to swim with or help me take photos and videos, and I found myself getting over worked with my human job to where I didn't have the time or dedication to this passion of mine. Gigs came few and far between. I put on extra weight making me self-conscious for the camera and my beloved tails no longer fit me. Before I knew it, it had been two years and I am just now finding my flame of passion reigniting. Having merfriends to swim with reminded me of why I fell in love with mermaids in the first place; the tranquil water, the blue skies, the way the sun beams through the surface creating a beautiful aray of light over the coral. Seeing updates on my new tails is gives me the inspiration I feared was lost. I took a very long break. Was it needed? Yes, but I am glad to be feeling like Mermaid Kelly again!

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