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How to get PERFECT underwater photos

Do you struggle to get good photos underwater??? Don’t worry, we all have!

Lets talk underwater posing! These are my tips I’ve learned over the years:

•Equalize as soon as you go down! This helps if you’ve been dive certified but you don’t necessarily need a certification just to equalize. It is however very important to learn how to properly equalize or else you can end up with a damaged eardrum and suffer possible deafness!!!

Here is a quick video found on youtube to help you safely equalize! (

•When descending, I tend to wipe the edge of my nose to get those pesky air bubbles out! If you don’t you may end up looking like you have some bubble boogers: YUCK!

•If you’re a floater, like myself, you may struggle to get down! I swim down and grab on to rocks or trees, but only in freshwater & be careful about wildlife. Then I hold myself down before I release a big ole air bubble out of my mouth. Try not to let the air out of your nose because then you will waste valuable time wiping the air bubbles away again. If I'm in salt water I just swim down and get as many shots as I can while I float back up. It’s important to have a decent breath hold for good shots, although it isn't always necessary. This leads me to the next point!

•Practice your breath hold!!! There are different methods to practice both in and out of water so find what works best for you!

I am no expert on this one so I will link you to this video!

•Next up, is movements! Always move slowly and gracefully. Basically, think of yourself in slow motion. Move your head slowly to get the hair flowing and the fluke streamy! Make the most subtle movements and watch as your hair, cloths, tails, etc will flow drastically.

•Lastly, get rid of the guppy face! You’ll need to be fully comfortable in water to look comfortable on camera. This means relaxing your eyes, don’t squint, and holding the air in your lungs/diaphragm, not your cheeks! Often times we puff out cheeks out and end up looking like chipmunks! It's okay I did too! You just need to practice holding your air or even releasing that air.

Remember, PRACTICE MAKES MER-FECT!!! It has taken me 3 to 4 years to be where I am today and I’m not always this mystical looking. I have plenty of blooper photos! But follow these tips and you’ll (hopefully) get a few magical shots yourself! I’m always practicing and always trying learn new tricks!

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