Grow Your Instagram Organically in 2019

I've been on instagram for four years now and my oh my, has it changed! Personally, I feel most changed have been helping us prosper! The down side is though, the ever changing algorithm. Here are my top 6 tips for growing your instagram in 2019!!

1.) Pick a theme/niche and stick to it! People like things that are aesthetically pleasing and everyone has their own unique style of photography, art, modeling, etc. Use your uniqueness and creativity to make your instagram look amazing especially at first glance.

2.) Be yourself! Open up (sometimes, not all the time) and people will like you for you! You don’t have to try and be something or someone you’re not for the sake of “views” & “likes.” People like genuine accounts, it's more personable and relatable that way.

3.) Be engaging! Make your captions interesting, helpful, insightful, inspirational, educational. Try to start conversations and discussions on your posts. Or you can ask how everyone’s day is casual conversation is okay too! This way you create not just a following, but friends and supporters too! Make a community!

4.) Switch it up! People get tired of looking at the same thing every day. Let your imagination run free and switch up what you post. Just be sure not to stray too far from your aesthetics and niche.

5.) Hashtags!!! Use a mixture of Large, Small, & Location tags so you can optimize your reach. People do search through hashtags! Your post will get buried under all the other posts in larger tags but you'll have a larger potential reach when using them. Your posts will stay up longer in smaller tags however your reach will not be as large. That is why use use a good mixture of both!

6.) And Finally: ANALYTICS! Always check your analytics so you know when the best time to post is and what days are the best. This will help if you want to share exciting news on a specific day and it’ll also help you understand your audience better! Your analytics will tell you the age groups, gender, and city/country of your audience. You want to know who you are talking to in you posts!

Hopefully you learned something new after reading over all my favorite tips! What tip was your favorite and how did it help you?

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