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Expectation vs Reality

Let's take a moment to talk about photos and life online vs reality!

Many online personas look dreamy and Unachievable. They are merely fantasies that one creates and posts online. You only ever see what others want you to see, where as in reality, there's so much more! You don't see the bad times, the hard times, or the bank account of someone online. You only see what they want you to see.

Nobody is perfect and nobody’s life is perfect so be sure to think twice before you think “I wish I were them!” or "I wish I could do that!" (psstt, you probably can!!) One thing I love and hate about social media is you can be whoever you want and who you truly wish to be online. It may seem like people are always traveling, always at the beach, and vacationing 24/7 but the reality is, they are not. There's so much work involved in creating the illusion you see online and so many misinterpretations that can arise.

For me people assume I am wealthy, that I live my best life everyday in a tropical paradise. They think I'm sitting on the beach every day drinking out of pineapples and coconuts. I assure you, I am not wealthy, my life is not that glamorous, I don’t spend my days lounging on a beach sipping coconuts. I work my human job most days and on my days off, I tend to be a couch potato watching youtube, netflix, and writing this blog at 2am.

I am merely one example. After looking at those #GOALS you can sometimes feel insecure or have even more of a longing to change your life. While I believe you should always make changes to benefit your happiness, just remember, the things you see online are not 100% accurate. You, even you, can capture those same photo and experiences with hard work, dedication, confidence, time, and money.

So, to celebrate reality: Here is a fun hair strangling blooper because not every photo turns out mer-fect! We are all human... or half in my case!

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