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Different Ways YOU Can Help Our Oceans and Planet

Here are some mer-mazing tips to better our oceans and planet!

•Switching to Fluorescent Light Bulbs & Carpooling when you can will help reduce your Carbon Footprint. Fluorescent Light Bulbs use less energy which means they cut down on the greenhouse gas emission. Carpooling also cuts down on these gasses.

•Only Buy and Eat LOCAL Fish if you can. You need to be sure you’re not eating over exploited species! Industrial fisheries is one of the top polluters of the ocean! Eating locally helps your community and smaller fishermen, plus you also know exactly what you are eating And where it is from.

•Reduce Plastic Use! Don’t use plastic bags or plastic straws, avoid plastic glitters & accessories. Don’t buy plastic shells or cups. There are quite a few alternatives like bamboo toothbrushes, reusable cups or straws, reusable tote bags, biodegradable glitter, etc. It can be hard as our lives are surrounded by plastic but if you start small you can make a big impact.

•Always Leave the beach/lake/River cleaner than you found it! Don’t trash where you splash. You can also do beach/lake/river clean ups to keep your community clean and fun.

•Remember NOT to buy products made from TURTLES, SHARKS, other Endangered Species, or Species who are critical to the ecosystem. Many other countries do not regulate product materials so keep in mind what you are buying and where it is from.

•Only buy pet fish that was breed NOT CAUGHT! Some sellers may catch fish in the wild to sell. This can be damaging to their ecosystem and for the fish itself. The shock of being caught, transported, and stress of a new environment with new water can lead to a very short life span. Always ask before you buy.

•Donate and volunteer to local or nonlocal organizations that are trying to help our oceans. One day can make a big difference. If you don’t have time, these charities will always need funding.

•Educate yourself & your community on what you can do to save our seas! Research information on our planet and making others aware are big steps for our planet. Knowledge is power and we can change the world one small step at a time.

What do you do to help our ocean?

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