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Can I be a Professional Mermaid with Tattoos??

Today I’d like to go over Tattoos and Mermaiding!

People often question if they should get tattoos because it may prevent them from getting a job or ruining a first impression in your future. In today’s day and age I don’t worry to much about what others think of me. I do believe it doesn’t matter if you have tattoos because tattoos will not hinder someone’s ability to do their job. If I needed surgery, I really wouldn’t care about a flower on my doctors arm. Being a performer is a little different as our looks are a large part of receiving gigs.

In the mermaid industry, many worry that they will not be able to get gigs because they may have a tattoo. Some companies have their performers cover their tattoos. While it is up to the merboss, and how they wish for you to appear if you’re working under them. I’ve personally NEVER lost a gig because they found out I had a tattoo & if I lost gigs unknowingly, they are not the kind of clientele I’d want to perform for anyways. In fact, every party I go to, they LOVE them and ask me about them and how i got them. The kids are always so interested in my tattoos!

If you’re a mermaid, & you’re considering getting a visible tattoo, I say go for it! As long as it is done with good taste, meaning nothing inappropriate for children, then you should be okay. If you’re a mermaid who works under someone, I’d consult with them before getting the tattoo to avoid any sudden job losses.

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